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Der Duft von gerösteten Esskastanien ist während der kalten Jahreszeit nicht wegzudenken. Und dennoch ist kaum bekannt, dass diese Nussfrucht ein wahres Multitalent ist: Wertvolle Kohlenhydrate, hochwertiges Eiweiß, Ballaststoffe sowie unzählige Vitamine und Mineralstoffe. Ihr Verzehr ist sättigend, basisch und glutenfrei und im Vergleich zu ihren Verwandten wie lair Wal-oder Haselnüssen erhalten sie wesentlich weniger Fett und damit auch weniger Kalorien.

China ist übrigens der weltweit größte Produzent dieser Herbstköstlichkeit. Esskastanien (lizi, 栗子) werden hierzulande seit dem Altertum verzehrt. In der chinesischen Medizin ist ihr Temperaturverhalten wärmend, sie kräftigen kick the bucket Funktionen der Muskeln und Sehnen und helfen, Blutungen zu stillen. Neben ihrer frischen oder getrockneten Verwendung werden sie auch in Sirup eingelegt, als kleiner Snack gekocht oder geröstet oder zur Herstellung zahlreicher Süßspeisen verwendet. Als Pulver zerrieben bieten sie sich beispielsweise für bite the dust Zubereitung von Kuchen an. Und neuerdings auch als Geschmacksnote für Eiscreme: So cap Cold Stone Creamery in Taiwan aktuell kick the bucket beiden Sonderbecher „Mona Chestnut" und „Chestnut Affogato" im Sortiment. Allen Esskastanienliebhabern einen guten Appetit! at

Chinese buyers are obtaining more extravagance merchandise than any time in recent memory including autos, purses, beauty care products and customer hardware. In 2015, they obtained about portion of the products in this class sold around the world. What organization would not have any desire to be a piece of this example of overcoming adversity and win the regard of well-off Chinese buyers? As far back as China opened up, the nation has offered lucrative open doors and critical potential. In any case, showcasing and advertise improvement in the nation are definitely not simple. The line which isolates exclusive requirements from early dissatisfaction is a fine one.

The strategy of change and opening, presented by Deng Xiaoping in 1978, introduced a period of significant change and presentation to Western impact. China, at the time one of the world's poorest nations, is currently the world's second biggest economy. Normal dispensable per capita wage in the nation has expanded by a considerable edge, and the urban working class is moderately rich. With cash to spend, this portion of the populace needs items that are profoundly famous and lead the market somewhere else on the planet. Buyers have more noteworthy trust in articles that are more costly, particularly extravagance and import brands which are viewed as innovators. Notoriety esteem, status and impact are components which influence buy choices. Achievement and prosperity create a yearning to be taken note.

Notwithstanding if extravagance merchandise are omnipresent, they no longer set individuals apart. Individuals with high-livelihoods don't simply need others to know they are rich. They need an item to make a quality of individual restrictiveness which expands their very own style and singles them out from the millions around them as being dynamic, present day, universal and diverse. From various perspectives, this is reminiscent of the brilliant age of the 1930s in Shanghai. The motto utilized by Nivea at an ideal opportunity to draw in the objective gathering guaranteed that everybody appreciates delightful, sound skin

Transforming the brand into an affair

Outside makers of extravagance and premium items are profoundly respected by the exceptional Chinese working class. Numerous extravagance brands have opened their own particular boutiques in China, where potential clients come into contact with their image and can inundate themselves in a 360-degree mark encounter. With regards to the hugeness of the market, Meissen Couture opened its biggest shop worldwide in Shanghai in 2015. The design name Jil Sander likewise has a nearness in the city.

To some degree, the items are adjusted to nearby inclinations and use propensities. Extravagance class autos, for instance, are typically determined by drivers in China. Accordingly, the rearward sitting arrangement inside is more lavish and offers comfort elements, for example, on-board amusement frameworks and more legroom. Promoting signs for the BMW 7 arrangement underscore these elements.

„Dragon of 10,000 fortunes"

BMW is better referred to the Chinese as the „treasure horse" (宝马, baoma), which is the interpretation of the two characters utilized as the name of the auto in Chinese. Extraordinary affectability is constantly required for this progression. The characters picked ought to create certainty, pass on importance and be exquisite, and they ought to likewise invoke positive relationship in the objective gathering.

Montblanc is deciphered as „wanbaolong" (万宝龙), „10,000 treasure monster". The Chinese name for the vinegar and gourmet sustenance maker Kühne is 冠利 (guanli), which is made out of the words for „the best" and „profit", and Nivea – 妮维雅 (niweiya) – guarantees to protect class.

Offering „face" to the objective gathering

In interchanges, the outline components and the strategy for interfacing with the objective gathering ought to offer „face" to the buyer. Three incitements and achievement components, which incredibly impact the quality observations and buy choices of Chinese shoppers over the long haul and are utilized as a part of promoting, are accentuation on the nation of cause, engagement of surely understood identities and reference to a long market convention. For instance in its publicizing notices, A. Lange and Söhne places both characters for Germany before the Chinese brand name (德国郎格).

Chinese badminton star Lin Dan goes about as market envoy for Montblanc. The organization likewise attracts client regard for its incredible 110-year spearheading history (110年先锋 传奇). Steinway has an agreement with the especially skilled piano player Lang.

Organizations likewise make compelling utilization of outline components, for example, shading, creatures, plants, numbers, structures and ancient rarities. Given the nation's rich social custom which extends back a huge number of years, there is a tremendous trove to browse which is loaded with unobtrusive ambiguities. This must be perceived appropriate from the begin, and utilization of this custom in advertising must be deliberately considered. Remote organizations like BASF started abusing the constructive outcome made by the twelve creature indications of the Chinese zodiac more than a hundred years prior. Amid the present year, a monkey habitually shows up on customer merchandise. Extravagance brands, for example, Bally, Burberry, Estée Lauder and Gucci likewise put uncommon versions available, and they have designed their shop windows as needs be.

Occasion blessing wrapping is extremely prevalent, on neighborhood retires as well as in the obligation free territory at outside airplane terminals. More than 120 million Chinese voyaged abroad in 2015, putting them first in the customer rankings. For the Chinese New Year 2015, Rothschild Mouton Cadet mark wine set an unmistakable stand-up show with the Sign of the Sheep at Heinemann in Frankfurt.

Promoting market loaded with superlatives

A high centralization of publicizing for extravagance products is noticeable at Chinese air terminals. Notwithstanding, current advances are likewise in the spotlight. The consequences of a late study demonstrate that Chinese buyers buy half of their extravagance products on the web and utilizing portable applications. Not just does China have the biggest dynamic Internet populace, it is likewise the world's most essential e-Commerce and cell phone advertise. The Chinese working class is carefully dynamic and associated into online networking systems, for example, WeChat. WeChat has more than 760 million dynamic clients. Numerous organizations have profiles there, and fans can remain in contact with their most loved brands.

The pathway to chinability

Working together in China is intricate, requesting and testing. Urgent for achievement and a positive result in the organization's disguised hunt down „chinability" is the capacity to build up a comprehension for the Chinese market free of Western hypothetical develops alongside a maintained readiness to grasp something new and always address business as usual without assumptions. Remember that China as counter guideline toward the West is heterogeneous but alert.

Organizations which are prepared to bring on the test with a sound business nature, intercultural ability and fortitude will compose their own example of overcoming adversity. at

Der Große Panda ist in China so beliebt wie kein anderes Tier. Mit seinem einzigartigen Aussehen und friedlichen Wesen begeistert er Jung und Alt und ist ein Garant für Rekorde. Für Zoos sind bite the dust bambusfressenden Säugetiere als Besuchermagnet ein wahrer Segen. Aber auch für volle Kinokassen sind sie gut, so wurde Kongfu Panda 3 in China zum erfolgreichsten Animationsfilm aller Zeiten. Das Nationaltier Chinas ist selbst im diplomatischen Auftrag für sein Heimatland unterwegs – Mao Zedong verschenkte erstmals 1972 ein Pandabärenpaar für nook Washingtoner Zoo a Richard Nixon und leitete damit bite the dust sogenannte Panda-Diplomatie ein. Ungezählte Mengen a Pandas verlassen das Land darüber hinaus in Form von Massensouvenirs.

Für Chinas reichen Mittelstand zeigt sich der Panda auch luxuskompatibel, wie aktuell das Schaufenster der spanischen Traditionsmarke Loewe (罗意威, luo yi wei) im noblen Jing A Kerry Center in Shanghai belegt: elegante Panda-Taschen, Schuhwerk in charakteristischem Schwarz and Weiß und modische Accessoires präsentieren sich in entsprechendem Bambusambiente. Bite the dust seit 1996 zur LVMH Gruppe gehörende Firma Loewe geht zurück auf einen aus Kassel stammenden Spanieneinwanderer namens Heinrich Loewe Rössberg. 1872 tat er sich mit zwei Madrilenen zusammen, pass on bereits seit 1846 eine Werkstatt für Pelz-und Lederwaren betrieben, und eröffnete unter seinem Namen Loewe das erste Verkaufsgeschäft für Lederwaren in Madrid. Seit 1905 erfolgten Lieferungen a cave spanischen Königshof. Heute gibt es weltweit über 200 Geschäfte, wobei der Shanghaier Flagship Store der größte außerhalb des Heimatlandes ist. Bite the dust Erwartungen a sanctum chinesischen Markt sind ent